”Thrill and chill” / ”Rys och Mys” (in Swedish)

27 Oct – 5 Nov -2023

“Thrill and chill,” is for the fourth year a recurring outdoor light experience for children and their families. It takes place in various areas in the city center of Varberg at the end of October as darkness falls and lasts for 10 days during the autumn break. This event is important not only for the residents but also for the tourism industry during the dark season. During the event the city transforms into a playground of lights and competitions in darkness, offering numerous activities for children, residents, and visitors. This year’s theme was the enchanted city. The festival was inaugurated at Varberg Square and featured a ghost disco, a grand fire show with professional dancers. The festival area was illuminated: main buildings, squares, trees, parks, sidewalks, and walls flooded with lights in various colors and different lighting techniques to highlight specific areas. The opening crowd was guided towards the old fortress by the sea by a group of torchbearers for an atmospheric sound and light show, all set in a historically evocative environment. No one is brave alone in the city in the dark, but armed with ultraviolet flashlights, children and their families discovered hidden letters and clues in the form of radiant figures self-illuminating on the ground with the help of a map. A magical train traveled along the boardwalk by the sea, giving passengers a journey in the dark they will never forget – surrounded by light installations at night.

– Sensors show that 1000 % more people visited the event area
– Hotel occupancy increased with 42%
– Local shops and restaurants increased their sales and had unique menues for the visitors.
– School of Trönninge (children age of eight year) fabricated light crown (PET), they made own designed unique Gobo pattern (feets and hands) and created shadow pattern to the old fortress.

Technology Focus was based on recycled materials in light installations. Everything was well programmed to ensure that we only used a minimum of electricity during the week. Several projectors were used to create interactivity with visitors through both sound and movies, but sometimes also large screens synchronized with sound, making you feel like you were in the midst of one of Europe’s larger capitals.

“Rys och Mys” is a light festival in Sweden since 2020 with a child’s perspective in the darkness and is organized by multiple organizations and collaborative partners, both public and private, with a common goal: to create an attractive, safe, and free light experience for residents and visitors during the dark season. The core values are inclusive, sustainable and long term event. The collaboration between the companies and Municipality of Varberg is a success factor, the event has won the Swedish Art and Buisness Award in 2022, https://www.kulturnaringsliv.se/sv-SE

The aim is for more people to be inspired and to discover the dynamics that are created when the creativity of culture meets the power of business.

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