For those locked down and quarantined but lucky enough to have a garden, lighting has never been a more critical aspect of one’s overall well-being – physically, mentally, and spiritually.

The Thouse Garden is a tropical weekend home that includes the Main House, a Garden, and the Thouse -an entertainment area built to augment the original house’s lack of entertainment space.

With the pandemic’s advent, it was clear that improved and more thorough lighting for the entire area was needed. As months went by and the lockdown continued with no end in sight, the garden became a refuge of peace and tranquility that extended into the night. As soon as the day ended, the garden became a place where one could relax and even escape from the world’s worries.

The lighting of the Main House and Thouse was done in a manner that communicates with one another. The view from the main house is the Thouse, and the view from the Thouse is the Main House.

For the Main House, only the columns were lighted with 1W recessed downlights. The Thouse landscape lighting became part of the lighting composition both in front and at the back.

A Colour Temperature of 3000˚K was used with a combination of uplighting, moonlighting, and side grazing was used with varying beams spreads and accessories depending on the plant species and composition.

Behind the Thouse is a giant Fern Tree that is lighted from several points below. This fern tree becomes an anchor that draws one in the Thouse. The glass doors and windows on wood framing make it possible to blur the outdoor and indoor line. Very important, especially in a tropical country.

The translucent multi-coloured glass door to the toilet is flanked by decorative wall sconces that liven up this garden/smoking area behind the Thouse. The airconditioned toilet has wooden windows that open up to a view of the garden.

The steps to the Thouse are lighted by a concealed narrow beam fixture on a nearby tree that is aimed through the leaves, creating a dappled effect on the steps. Motion sensor solar bollards were tucked in the sides of the steps for additional lighting and safety.

On the left of the Main House is a lighted Eugenia Wall that separates the back’s service area. On the right side is a rotunda with brick pavers and Capiz balls on the Ficus Tree. This well-lit rotunda serves as the area where guests can park and maneouver their cars when going out.

Using “LIGHT” to transform the Thouse garden into a place where we can extend the day’s activities into the night in a relaxing and restful manner, especially during quarantine, can indeed promote one’s overall health and well-being.

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