This Project included all front of house public and guestroom areas in a trendy, boutique urban hotel in the Buckhead area of Atlanta, Georgia.

Warm-dim LED technology and a dimming system are utilized in every public space. The balance of daylight and artificial light is critical, especially with walls of windows on one side of the lobby, restaurant and even the main ballroom. Time-clock settings and fade times are instrumental in transitioning from day to night and allowing the cooler daytime ambience to fade to warm, golden tones in the evening. Layers of illumination began with unique decorative chandeliers, sconces and lamps; all lamped with warm-dim bulbs or 2400° Kelvin integral LEDs.

Tables, flowers and accessories were accented with warm-dim adjustable accents and architectural features were glowing with linear cove lighting, drapery pockets and display shelves and niches. The lighting approach took advantage of architectural opportunities to integrate uplighting into everything from floating ceilings to mirrored wall panels and provide warm, indirect illumination to each space.

The expansive exterior entry canopy ceiling was washed with a continuous uplight incorporated into the curtain wall facade with minimal architectural downlighting at building entries.

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