In transit times you find me,
In ordered lines you wait.
Gazing up to my canopy,
You patiently await.

by Will Offer

The architect envisioned this bus transfer station as a Jiuqiong forest, a sacred tree for the aboriginal people from the area. Jiuqiongs were once prevalent in Yilan, which were used in public structures, and remain a symbol for this town.

The lighting design echoes the architect‘s concept and satisfies the illumination requirement for the transportation facility. Accordingly, three lighting installations were planned. (pic 1,2)

The Ring of Light
A ring, combining downlights and uplights, is attached to the column. Cold down lighters (5000K) highlight the ‘tree trunks’ as well as creating pools of light around the columns. Upward lights (4000K) wash the canopy and provide a general ambient light to the space. In the arrival area, with a lower ceiling height, the rings become pendants. (pic 3,4)

The rings make the terminal glow like a lantern at night, acting as a warm embrace for those who are arriving or leaving.

Spot Light- Leaf Shadows
Surface mounted spot lights are installed on the ceiling to illuminate the seating areas. These spot lights also symbolize the dappled light, when sun rays filter through tree leaves. Passengers walking through the light, feel as if they are in a forest, and become a part of the lighting environment.  (pic 5,6,7)

Friendly Vibe
In the departure area, linear LED strip lights (4000K) are concealed in the horizontal metal supports of the glass panels to light up the gates and signage for way finding and safety purposes. The glare-free lighting installations provide passengers with a comfortable environment to ease the hectic nature of departures. (pic 8,9)

The concept is carried through to the rooftop garden. The vertical handrails representing little branches of the Jiuqiong are highlighted by linear LEDs. (pic 10)

Both the architect and lighting designer intend to recall the collective memory; the history and the close relationship between the trees and the people, in a poetic way, whilst full-filling the functionality of a bus station. As a result, this structure is a poem of light, a symbol reborn and a creator of new local memories.

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