Upper St Martins Lane or The Yards was converted during the pandemic and turned into a thriving hidden gem within Covent Garden.

The Yards is now know for the three striking art pieces that were originally concieved by Studio-29 to entice shoppers, workers and tourists to venture within.

The first entrance to be completed on Mercer Street converted a dark and gloomy concrete entrance into a fun, colourful exciting and interactive installation constructed by Light Lab. As you pass through the entrance the Red, Green and Blue lights mix to leave a white light illuminated the way through. But when you walk underneath you leave Cyan, Magena and Yellow shadows.

The entrance from Upper St Martins Lane is another concept devised by Studio-29 to add a protruding canopy with dichroic glass to allow sunlight to pass through during the day and by using artificial light at night illuminated the surrounding pavement with colours. The protruding canopy is seen from a distance and draws more footfall into the courtyard.

The suspended flowers and shapes on the third entrance draw passers by who are nearer to Covent Garden tube. Again using daylight and artificial light create stunning patterns on the floor day or night.

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