Introducing a new venture from a specialist manufacturer of architectural luminaires: The Workplace Light.

We have come to accept the increasingly held view that most people live and work in insufficient light. Whilst awareness grows, it is still not commonly known how much this can compromise our health. Indoor lighting practices mainly focus on providing good functional and aesthetic effects (and more recently low energy consumption) with little consideration for the health aspects of light.

There is ample evidence that exposure to ‘good light’ during the day helps people to sleep better, improve mood, alertness, regulate hormones and boost energy. We decided to carry out some field research with UCL in real world applications. Preliminary findings in our ‘double blind’ test show a trend to higher alertness whilst using The Workplace Light set to 250m-EDI Lux vertical daytime recommendation. This expert recommendation is recognised by the WELL Building Standard.

The Workplace Light is a practical, innovative and affordable solution to the problem of insufficient light. The output is customisable in SPD and light level to provide ideal solutions for different people, tasks, ambiences and times of day.

This product, as with all other Stoane Lighting products, carries a 5 year warranty and further 20 year duty of care and has been assessed under TM66 and TM65.2. Results of both are readily available.

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