This unique museum and performance hall is home to a non-profit organization that commissions original multi-disciplinary works of art. The fixed, eight-level building is comprised of exhibition, performance, and production spaces. Due to the complex nature of the art and infinite set-up scenarios, each space requires maximum flexibility of the lighting systems and controls. Gallery spaces employ continuous track runs within the slatted architectural ceiling system, and track head fixtures are customized with specific output, optics and colour-rendering LED chips to showcase a wide variety of mediums and colours.

An iconic ETFE structure nests around the building with the ability to deploy out over an open plaza to form an additional, large-scale performance venue. Due to the high reflectivity and transparency of the ETFE material, the shed is softly illuminated by a series of individual LED accent lights recessed at the apex of each structural member that graze up the steel from the interior to provide an indirect glow at each ETFE pillow. This lighting effect is visible even when black-out shades are deployed for performances and when the shed is nested around the fixed building. An LED grazer at the top of each glass entry portal emphasizes the overlap of the ETFE structure.

This exhibition and performance venue sits on a prominent urban site with an entry sequence that traverses below a public, elevated park.

Individual spotlights recessed into the structure at each apex graze up the interior steel members to indirectly illuminate the ETFE shed.

The interior is lit with high-powered LED downlights, located within the building’s articulated support beams to keep the ceiling clear for theatrical rigging.

The central skylight in the lobby provides views to the underside of the elevated park and is softly illuminated after dark by an LED uplight.

The restaurant includes a field of custom linear fixtures, defining the space within an otherwise open plan and creating a warm, inviting atmosphere.

Exterior walls of the inward-positioned galleries are washed with light in dramatic contrast to the building’s dark, intersecting escalators at the forefront of the façade.

Galleries employ continuous track runs within the slatted ceiling system.

Fixtures are customized with specific output and colour-rendering to showcase a wide variety of mediums. output and colour-rendering to showcase a wide variety of mediums.

The black-box theatre space incudes a grid of well-shielded LED cylinders for use as both work light and house lighting during performances.

The ETFE shed nests around the fixed building with the capability to deploy over the adjacent plaza to create an additional, large-scale event space.

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