The Red Room is a speakeasy hidden within The Connaught Hotel, sandwiched between the Cigar bar on Mount Street and the hotel, This room has no natural daylight so it was of the utmost importance that it did not feel gloomy. The space takes inspiration from a series of Louise Bourgeois pieces collected by the client. Letting the artworks lead, we imagined the space to feel like the guest was sitting in the living room of an art collector. The furniture, a blend of studio originals and mid-century finds, is eclectic and relaxed.

The main area is dominated by two vast stained-glass windows in vivid reds and blues by London-based Architectural artist Sir Bryan Clark, these were back illuminated with multiple light sources in different colour temperatures which gently change accentuating individual colour differently over time to creat depth and a playful element. In addition to this false windows were created around the space and backlit designed opal glass was illuminated to create the illusion of natural light with a tuneable light source. The large circular pendant overhead which acts as a focus was realised with an irish luminaire designer. Front of bar is backlit pink onyx to create a warm glow and focus to the bar area.
Louise Borgeois artwork is framed perfectly with framing projectors to create depth, and the general light levels are boosted with a softened cove running round the perimeter of the space creating the illusion of more space.

Tucked away is the oxblood snug, designed for intimate occasions. It features a solid marble table and antique Murano chandelier with concealed linear lighting around the banquette to boost the light and to accentuate the barrel vault.

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