The Murmuration is a specially created, illuminated art feature which will be installed within the reception of The Met Building in central London. Suspended from the ceiling, it evokes the natural, movement of starlings, the spectacular shape-shifting clouds they form when coming in to roost at dusk.

The sculpture blends art, lighting and technology, using flexible OLED panels to capture the essence of a starling murmuration, mimicking the graceful flow and breathtaking dance of birds in flight. Each individual light panel represents the movement of the birds, following their mesmerising swirls and eddies as they fly in their thousands through the sky.

Although the suspended elements don’t physically move, the OLEDs are carefully calibrated to mimic flight patterns, the light dancing from panel to panel. The dark blue background of the reception walls replicates a dusk sky which complements the contrasting white light sources as they rise and fall from one side of the space to the other. Dimming the light sources suggests the ebb and flow of bird flight as the shapes change and the speeds increase and decrease, bringing an organic, dynamic and lifelike feel to the installation.

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