The Lyu Garden Huanghuali Art Museum is a hidden gem nestled in the heart of Beijing, where ancient Chinese garden-making traditions are preserved and celebrated. The garden, buildings, and collections are a testament to the ancient Chinese people’s reverence for nature and their spiritual pursuit of harmony between man and nature. The museum boasts a vast collection of rare and exquisite Ming and Qing Huanghuali furniture and other cultural relics, making it an ideal destination for those seeking to explore traditional Chinese residential culture and experience the allure of Chinese art.

The lighting design of the museum is a perfect blend of traditional Chinese garden architecture culture and modern lighting technology. As visitors meander through the garden, the depth of field and intensity of the lighting gradually open and change, enriching the viewing experience. Classic Chinese garden elements such as pavilions, towers, rockeries, cliffs, water features, stone paths, and curved bridges create a serene atmosphere with a balance of light and shadow and a staggered layout under the rendering of light, highlighting the oriental gentle and implicit cultural implications.

Flowers, plants, and trees are illuminated with silhouettes or graceful outlines to enrich the depth of field of the courtyard. The use of stones to create the atmosphere of a mountain, recreating the mountains and rivers in ancient paintings, is a major feature of this garden. The lights are scattered at different angles and directions on the uneven cliffs, and the light and shadows depict the brushstrokes and blanking of the brush. A crescent-shaped curved bridge is built on the water surface, illuminating the arch bridge, and its reflection in the water forms the image of a full moon.

The direction and glare of the lighting are strictly controlled to create a quiet and serene atmosphere. Visitors wander in the courtyard, personally feeling the poetry brought by the light. The path is illuminated with low-level lighting to create the atmosphere of “in a secluded corner of the winding path, the flowers and trees in the Zen room are deep.” Traditional Chinese columnar lights bring visitors into the scene of history. Soft light is emitted from under the railing of the small bridge, illuminating the ground, providing safe lighting while giving a comfortable visual experience. The red corridor and gray tile buildings also become part of the night view, illuminating the colored paintings under the eaves to tell the story of the ancient people’s warm life, and the exquisite window grilles permeate the warm light from the interior to add to the tranquility and tranquility of the night.

The lighting design of the Huanghuali Museum is a masterpiece that cleverly combines traditional Chinese garden architecture culture and modern lighting technology, bringing visitors a unique and unforgettable art discovery journey.

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