The Lyu Garden Huanghuali Art Museum is a hidden gem nestled in the heart of Beijing, where ancient Chinese garden-making traditions are preserved and celebrated. The garden, buildings, and collections are a testament to the ancient Chinese people’s reverence for nature and their spiritual pursuit of harmony between man and nature. The museum boasts a vast collection of rare and exquisite Ming and Qing Huanghuali furniture and other cultural relics, making it an ideal destination for those seeking to explore traditional Chinese residential culture and experience the allure of Chinese art.

The purpose of the Huanghuali Art Museum is to spread traditional Chinese culture and lifestyle. The hundreds of Huanghuali furniture, cultural relics, and paintings on display are all arranged in accordance with the ancient people’s way of life, allowing visitors to experience the charm of Chinese culture up close.

The indoor lighting not only provides illumination but also allows each cultural relic to tell its own story in silence. Huanghuali wood is colorful, has clear and beautiful patterns, and can emit a fragrance. In the exhibition hall, soft and warm light illuminates the details of each piece of Huanghuali furniture, making it more vivid and lively through high colour rendering and low glare lighting equipment. Another task of the lighting is to protect the exhibits, strictly controlling the exposure to reduce the damage of light to the cultural relics.

The lighting design of the Huanghuali Museum is a masterpiece that cleverly combines traditional Chinese garden architecture culture and modern lighting technology, bringing visitors a unique and unforgettable art discovery journey.

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