The central Atrium, Princess Square, at the Lexicon shopping centre in the heart of Bracknell was recently refurbished to create a dynamic new shopping experience.

The brief was to bring elements of nature into the building and create a place of respite and calm whilst experiencing all the shopping centre has to offer.

A timber framework cascades from the central atrium, flanked by perforated stainless steel panels depicting the flora of the nearby woodland. Carefully concealed colour changing LED striplights were detailed into the timber framework to illuminate the woodland meshwork. White LED striplights uplight each timber slat to give the framework a delicate sculptural quality as it hovers within the space.
A perimeter ceiling slot conceals spotlights that provide the general lighting to the space so that no downlights are visible. Gobo-projectors are also concealed within the slot and these cast customised leaf patterns of light on the floor below, following the woodland flora from the mesh panels above.

Dynamic colour sequences create a plethora of lighting settings to mark the passage of time. During the day blue & green shades compliment the natural daylight streaming through the skylights and give the impression of a woodland canopy above with dappled leaf patterns on the floor below – gently guiding you across the space. As the day progresses the colour shifts to a warm amber. At night the atrium is bathed in a sunset glow – further emphasising the passage of time. Specific festive lighting settings have also been programmed – enabling the space to always feel exciting and engage the customers throughout the year.

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