“The lamp of the Earth” is an art installation designed by MAD architects for the “Art at Fuliang 2021-field x Discovery” art festival. The festival hopes to use the power of art to unearth the charm of the place, promote the revitalization of the countryside, and awaken the characteristics of local resources.

The installation is located on the rolling tea hills in Hanxi Village, Jingdezhen, overlooking the vast tea fields below. The micro-perforated canvas
surrounds the sparse coniferous trees on the top of the mountain like a lampshade, becoming a prominent image.

Facing the sun, the solid sense is stronger, like white clouds floating in the sky. When the sunlight is on one side, it is more transparent, and the distant mountains and trees appear in the viewfinder frame covered with layers of yarn.

When night falls, the multiple sets of spotlights in the lampshade illuminate the trees, the shadows of the tree and the part of the inner surface, forming a looming dim large-scale lantern effect. The colours of the four lights deployed slowly flow and change, echoing the lights in the distant village.

The installation is lifted up high by the tea mountain like a beacon, arousing people’s desire to cross the tea field to reach the top, further explore the meaning of public art, and reconstruct the relationship between man and nature.

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