The Island of Kant is nowadays a public park  where you can find the Königsberg Cathedral, considered to be the symbol of Kaliningrad. Due to its cultural significance, the park is a place of attraction for the city’s residents and tourists and serves as a venue for different events.

Taking into account the main purpose of the Island, the lighting solution is based on the following:

– creating an integral lightning structure supporting the Cathedral as a main focus (against the background of the cityscape as well) and highlighting it as an accent;

– creating various light environment in different park areas;

– creating visual images and associations in the park area.

The main and historic alleys, a promenade and footpaths have become the elements of the basic framework of the light zoning due to the use of a warm white light (3000K). Vertical light-planning of different heights in functional lighting emphasizes the relief of the area and divides a pedestrian space.

We managed not only to fulfil functional tasks of lightning, but also created a number of scenes and implemented various solutions in order to entertain and affect visitors emotionally using lighting elements as points of attraction and interest.

In the park’s area on the right, there is a zone featuring a panther where you can trace a certain artistic history and reference to savannah. Nearby you can see a group of large trees where we worked towards creating an inner and outer volume. In the area on the left, there are two trees on the meadow which are highlighted by a red accent light. We make use of the natural landscape with narrow pathways and the alley so that the lightning system produces an arched light structure

As for our work in the Sculpture park, we managed to produce the enhancement of the monuments applying individual lighting schemes. We applied accentual and contour lighting with warm and cold white light as well as coloured scenes. We managed to strengthen the perception of the monuments and draw visitors’ attention to them and their history.

Finally, we implemented installation scenes and elements of a show. Within this project, the installations are implemented by applying static gobo-projections in two areas. The projections are not permanent elements of the lighting, they can be changed and set into action during certain periods of time, at special events.

The project and its implementation suggest the presence of a control system and season scenarios. The project control system takes into account general light pollution and environmental impact on the park area. The system has operating regimes and cascade reduction of the illumination intensity during certain periods of time.

As a result, a complex work in the green zone and in the park with sculptures and monuments as well as creation of various light-and-shadow images bring variety to different zones and spaces of the island thus providing choice and comfort for many visitors of the Island.

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