Why choose an underground garage as our new office?!

This was the question asked by many to Marcelo Sampaio, founder and CEO of Hashdex , a crypto startup based in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

With a growing international protagonism, Hashdex board decided to adopt a bold growth strategy based in space. Rather than invest in conventional marketing tools the company decided to drive their efforts to create a whole new experience for their new headquarters in Rio.

The chosen location was Leblon, a fancy upscale branch known to concentrate an important Brazilian traditional financial market professionals and academics. After looking for some different properties nearby, Marcelo finally decided to rent a weird underground space. This choice dissatisfied other co-founders and collaborators that couldn’t understand why choosing such a dark, unpleasant and unhealthy space.

In this context, Kelving Lab, that had implemented a circadian lighting solution in their first office in 2019, was invited to face this huge challenge: turn this claustrophobic place without any natural light into a vivid, cozy and exciting environment that inspires Hasdex´s leadership, collaborators and future desired occupants.

The Hashtown had 3 main objectives:

– Welcome new collaborators, hired during the pandemics, from home office to presential work.

– Create an ecosystem that engages Venture Capitals, and city governance. Fostering a virtuous community centered in innovation and Tech Culture.

– Demystify crypto context, making it more friendly to strategic stakeholders.

To address that, Kelving Lab developed a light driven creative process engaging project owners, lighting designers, architects, interior designers, landscape designers and immersive content professionals since the very first moment.

This multidisciplinary team have developed all areas considering dynamic lighting spectral fundamentals that sets pace to the UX of each area:

The open offices and long permanence areas delivers the occupants the right melanopic lux levels for each time of the day according to WELL® V2.

Cyano 490 nm was used to achieve M/P Ratios and avoid glare from 9:00 am to 3:00pm. Ceilings, walls and furniture LRV ( Light reflectance values ) should be in compliance to this strategy.

The spectral composition of private offices and meeting rooms are adaptable to specific tasks demands. Occupants are able to choose the best light intensity and spectral composition, varying from focus and alert to inspirational and collaborative environment.

At the common area, The Village, a dynamic lighting spectral composition mimics daylight pattern from 7:00am to 6:00pm. This space acts as a hub that synchronizes all areas to the circadian cycle.

After 6:00 pm, saturated colours can be used to achieve the best experience for different occasions, such as talks, happy hours and all kind of celebrations.

Finally, the restaurant at the ground floor, the only space that have natural light influence, serves on this strategy as THE spot that connects Hashdex with general public. Lighting spectral modulation was created aiming to enhance the branding experience, mimetizing daylight accordingly during day time and delivering a complete different space at night time.

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