The exhibition/installation is a dynamic, high-tech temporary auditorium which sat at the heart of the iconic Downtown Design tent and hosted the forum talks programs during the 2021 year’s edition of Dubai Design Week.
It enjoyed a prominent position at the exhibition, creating a platform that provoked ongoing design dialogues throughout the event. Recycled and recyclable materials was used to build up a blank canvas, creating an amphitheatre-like structure to maximise interactions between the speakers and the audience.

During the Event, the interior space was illuminated and transformed through multi-media content projection to create an ambiance conducive for exchanging ideas between guest speakers, panellists, and the audience.
The lighting consultant provided the comprehensive system design solution for the architectural stage lighting, projection engineering, system operation and the immersive audio system design as well as multi-media content design.

The multi-media content represented the idea of new beginnings and transformation. The lighting consultant aimed to bring to life some answers to the questions concerning the evolution of design in the aftermath of covid pandemic. These questions were previously published online by the design team to get the general public opinion as well as Dubai design community’s perspective on what the future have stored for our industry. The projection mapping set the mood for the forum talks and at the same time created an immersive environment which sought to reshape our traditional understanding of the relationship between architecture and lighting, whilst shading light on what is to be expected in the future. The Immersion was achieved through a 360° projection of video and multi-media contents in the auditorium interior space, while giving the viewer the impression of being within the projected artwork.

Reinforcing the core concept of “a fresh start and new beginning”, the architectural lighting principles of installation took the visitors along a journey of change and transformation. This vision was realized through use of dynamic color changing lighting fixtures, gobo projectors and moving heads at the outer section of the auditorium which was transformed gradually throughout the event. At the start of the event, the communal area which was separated from the amphitheatre style of auditorium interior space, was illuminated in cool white color temperature to represent the idea of beginning and fresh start. As the event progressed, layers of colors and gobo patterns was introduced in this space and illuminated this white canvas.

One of the many challenges for the project, was to create an exhibition/installation without any cost for the client and short period of time. To bring this installation to life, the design team collaborated with a number of internationally acclaimed partners which enabled them to deliver the project without any cost and in timely manner.

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