The lighting of ‘The Fold’ draws inspiration from a field of tulips, creating captivating light and shadow interplay of the sun. Like tulip form, light is used to sculpt the architecture with nuanced illumination, enveloping it in inviting warmth.

At its core, a central spine defies traditional pathway lighting strategies, juxtaposing a dimly lit walkway against brightly illuminated surfaces. This unique contrast defines a welcoming atmosphere, creating a unique residential space.

Minimalism underpins the design. A curated kit of design elements enhances without overwhelming architectural features. Inspired by tulips, it accentuates vertical elements, using light and shadow to emphasize contours.

Layers of warm illumination create a cosy environment, with the landscape lighting highlighting the natural beauty of the planting. This adds depth and character to the outdoor space, fostering a connection with nature.

Aiming to redefine the residential offering in Dubai, the architects deliberately wanted to create a space of sophistication and a sense of real togetherness which is currently lacking in the immediate adjacencies and beyond. We believe the warmth and the wrapping of light from the illumination of the facades enhance this overall architectural vision.

Lighting Designers: Ziad Fattouh, Erin Denkovska, Jelena Lazarevic, Paula Cortés Castellanos

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