Setting a new benchmark for stadiums across the globe, the revolutionary Tottenham Hotspur Stadium offers one of the finest experiences for spectators with its immersive technology and world-class facilities. From concerts to the National Football League, the stadium’s state-of-the-art, fully retractable pitch is designed to host diverse events. To top it all, the stadium now features interactive attractions for visitors around the clock, with the latest one being The Dare Skywalk. The adrenaline-pumped experience challenges adventure-seekers to ‘take it to the edge’ by stepping out onto a glass walkway 47 metres above the football pitch and embark on a journey to the stadium’s iconic golden cockerel, all with spectacular views of the city.

In cooperation with Zumtobel Lighting, LEDFlex has crafted bespoke lengths of Ultimo Neon 16×16 RGBW in 3000K from our Neon Range, which can be seen emerging at the entrance, spiralling to the roof of the stadium and lining the edge of the walkway circuit. The Neon is encapsulated in high-grade silicone, enhancing the luminaire’s durability in extreme weather conditions and protecting it against the build-up of dirt and dust in the long run.

In addition to designing the luminaire itself, technical experts from LEDFlex had worked closely with the client and lighting designer from conceptualisation through to installation to advise on the right choice of product for the project as well as control and installation. We had further collaborated with the programmers and on-site engineers to design a complete infrastructure that functions as a plug and play system, providing detailed electrical schematics and mockups to facilitate the installation process.

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