“When one is in town one amuses oneself,” proclaims Jack from The Importance of Being Earnest, and The Mayfair Townhouse and Dandy Bar enables one to do just that. Situated near London’s Green Park, The Mayfair Townhouse is the latest luxury boutique hotel to light up the City’s hospitality offerings. Located on Half Moon Street, it comprises 15 townhouses knitted together featuring 172 rooms & suites, The Dandy Bar, a private gym and versatile event spaces and is the sixth property in Iconic Luxury Hotels’ dazzling portfolio.

Mayfair is synonymous with status, heritage, and prestige. Half Moon Street’s most famous resident, Oscar Wilde, immortalised the townhouses when he used them as inspiration for Algernon Moncrieff’s bachelor pad in The Importance of Being Earnest. Goddard Littlefair, the award-winning London based design firm, drew inspiration from Wilde and his decidedly British eccentric cohorts for the design language throughout the hotel.

Immediately upon entering the hotel, you glimpse the dramatic Dandy Bar which sets the tone for the Townhouses with its magnificently lit gantry shimmering alluringly and enticing you into another era. Goddard Littlefair wanted to reference 1920’s flapper outfits for this feature bar and Northern Lights was honoured to continue our successful collaboration with the practice by bringing their imaginative lighting concept to life and creating a striking focal point for the opulent Dandy Bar.

This spectacular bar light is comprised of 180 hand blown and pressed glass pieces, moulded with a feather detail and sprinkled with gold leaf. Each glass feather is unique, emphasising the handcrafted and bespoke nature of the light. The feathers were painstakingly created using traditional techniques to cast the antique glass style required within the design. Formed in a concave shape to add depth and movement, the feathers were inset into the bronze metal frame of the bar and fixed with decorative bronze studs. The glass feathers are layered to diffuse and soften the light behind whilst still providing enough illumination for the mixologists and bar attendants. The bar frame was manufactured in brass with a bespoke bronze finish by the experienced team of Northern Lights metal fabricators. The frame is beautifully handcrafted and robust enough to support the weight of the glass feathers and combines an internal framework to suspend the glassware.

Goddard Littlefair’s inspired design aesthetic enthusiastically fulfils the desired effect The Mayfair Townhouse requested from their design brief for the Dandy Bar, resulting in a space where it is a joy to imbibe. This incredibly ambitious statement bar gantry was designed, fabricated and finished in our Derbyshire premises and now resides at The Mayfair Townhouse, where its radiance is a permanent focal point in a beautifully eccentric venue.

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