This main access hall, lends itself as the space transition scenario from outside to inside the store. Using it as a dark camera, we propose deconstructing the interpretation of the space from the geometry of the cube and its dimensions.

This gives us a different perception and invites us to feel the space in a more suggestive way. The variation of sizes, and different heights deconstruct the perception of the sky and its inner volume. The immersion to which this installation submits generates a suggestive and introspective instant experience.

The cubes designed by our studio and manufactured by the brand, custom made for this application, confirms that spaces through light must interact with the user and provide with an environment of experience, rather than only light in a quantitative way. Without neglecting the appropriate levels of light, the installation has constant movements and rotation of the bright and intensity points of light between the cubes. Implementing a control system integrated by two languages: DALI and DMX that would allow us to have control and the precision required for this application. The result, a subtle movement that allows you to feel a pulse in the empty space reminding us that we are light pulsating in infinity.

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