The building is situated in the Asia New Bay Area of Kaohsiung, Taiwan, which was the city center in days gone past. Because it is located close to an international port, the commercial area is lit at night by street lamps installed with 6500K LED light bulbs that cause light pollution. Hence, we came up with the idea that the building’s lighting temperature should be able to shift in tandem with the color of the sky at dusk. The ever-changing prismatic bands of light on the roof will add to the newfound hope citizens have for the old downtown, while also bringing a spark of joy to weary travelers.

When viewed from a height, the main body of the structure emanates a sense of comfort thanks to the graduated low color temperature lighting along the side of the building. We have hidden the light sources within the structure, fulfilling our design philosophy of “Visible Light, Invisible Bulb.” A DMX lighting control system is incorporated into the design.

Hidden within the metal grating on either side of the first floor entrance, the 2400K lights accentuate the visual imagery of the entrance. The lights around the entrance have been purposefully dimmed to let the lighting from within the building naturally emerge, striking a balance with the surrounding environment. At night, the LED lights concealed within the multilayered façade give the building a very natural illumination.

The contours of the building morph into the clouds overhead, creating a dialogue with the city around it. Digitally-controlled gradient lighting presents images of oceans and flight, bringing the building to life under the nighttime sky. It is our hope that these, together with the multilayered lighting scheme, will inspire people with hope for the future.

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