Lladró launched Blossom, conceived by their design and décor department, in the autumn of 2020. From nature, an endless source of inspiration, is born this collection of lights that freeze the precise moment in which flowers slowly and gently open when bathed in the first rays of sunlight.

With a delicate design, refined lines, and a dynamic treatment of shapes, both in its execution and in its arrangement, these pieces evoke the magical moment of blooming: a true spectacle for the senses that is spread by the unique joy of new beginnings. Reminiscent of organic elements and an exquisite yet contemporary approach, Blossom celebrates the subtle dance of petals and the timeless beauty of nature while taking full advantage of the qualities of LED technology to release a magnetic flow of light and convey depth.

Nothing creates a greater impact in a space than the light that is emitted within it. Nature and fantasy go hand in hand in lighting elements made entirely of porcelain handmade in Spain specially conceived to generate the most suggestive atmospheres born of a delicate balance between creativity and a rich artisanal charge.

Blossom highlights Lladró’s unique ability to create functional contemporary style proposals from porcelain. Unique creations that embody perfection and fuse artistic tradition and design in every little detail, modelled and finished with the utmost care and expertise by skilled sculptors, painters, and craftsmen and craftswomen committed to keep alive the ancient methods to transform porcelain into dreams.

The Blossom pendant lamp (43cm x 320cm), the floor lamp (48cm x 165cm high) and the wall light (36cm x 18cm) combine the white of porcelain with a gloss finish with touches of golden luster and add, in spring 2021, a new pink finish for the ceiling and floor versions.

Thanks to their versatility and timeless character, these pieces fit perfectly into all types of interior styles, both modern and traditional, and are ideal both in private settings and contract projects.

The Blossom series represent the Lladró’s founding mission: to generate beauty from sustainability and respect. Through 100% handmade processes, the hands, minds, and hearts of the people who make up Lladró transform porcelain –a raw material from natural origin that is produced locally in Valencia (Spain)– into unique products of high artistic value and great durability, intended to be passed down from generation to generation.

Lladró is a world leader in the design and manufacturing of porcelain lighting and offers a contemporary, elegant, and exclusive range of beautiful lighting designs that combine talent, boldness, and meticulousness in the pursuit for excellence.

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