The Arc is the newest building on campus at the world-renowned Green School in Bali, Indonesia. It has been highly commended in the Dezeen Awards 2021 sustainable building category. The Arc is the first building of its kind ever made, The Arc at Green School is built from a series of intersecting 14 meter tall bamboo arches spanning 19 meters, interconnected by anticlastic gridshells which derive their strength from curving in two opposite directions.

Lighting design concept to aligned with Sustainable-Regenerative Design values that consider sustainability and human-centric lighting. Lighting design with aim of Improving human wellbeing and the viability of ecological systems. Design quality environments that support health and wellness while reducing energy use, energy and carbon cost of fixtures, luminaires, and lamps, toxic materials, reduce environmental impacts, prevent light tress-pass (light pollution).

Lighting design to cater the need of having flexibilities creates several different lighting scenes such as:

• Sport Lighting, evenly illuminated with 6500K , Class III Sport lighting for training and recreation also come into this class. Based on EN12193 Requirements, lux level from 200-300lux, glare ratting 50 UGR, uniformity 0.5 – 0.6. Protection to vandalism / flying sport balls

• Evening scene; highlighted bamboo structures

• Night time lighting scenes, to be configured for security lighting (after mid-night hour). Reduce light during mid-night to avoid light pollutions.

• Event scene, accentuate areas for presentation , social gathering with different lighting presets

Additional Design

Commissioned by Green School Bali
With the support of John Hardy
Concept by Jörg Stamm
Engineering by Atelier One
Local engineering by Ketut Yasa Bagiarta
Safety Advice from Luis Felipe-Lopez
Construction by Bamboo Pure

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