The Alchemist bar and restaurants are famed for celebrating molecular mixology, alchemy and craftmanship. With drinks served in all manner of vessels, and a commitment to theatre and panache, the Alchemist is as much about the venue as the food and drinks on offer.

With a growing number of locations in its portfolio, The Alchemist Canary is the biggest site to date in London, and boasts the most prominent site of all venues in the capital city. Found in the bustling location overlooking Reuters Plaza, the near 6000 sq ft prominent site is set over two floors, with floor to ceiling glazed sides.

Foundry’s concept was to produce a dynamic, theatrical and layered lighting scheme that would assist in complimenting the interior design of the space and create intamicy in each area of the venue.

The lighting was key in showcasing the luxurious and refined finishes of the interior design whilst balancing a contrast of light and dark that guides guests through the space. Foundry worked closely with Macaulay Sinclair to design a series of bespoke fittings to provide ambient illumination along with key focal points throughout. The control of the lighting was to be of careful consideration to ensure a smooth transition through the various scenes during the venues opening hours.

It was crucial that in addition to the functional lighting such as tables, walkways and feature walls, Foundry needed to emphasise other elements of the venue. This meant realising the prominent features of the design, and ascertaining which of them should be illuminated. It was also imperative that as the entire side of the building is glazed, the light sources were concealed from both the view of passers-by and the customers.

As a result of close collaboration with Macaulay Sinclair, the main focus became integrating linear lighting to the large architectural beams, the angular wall cladding and the impressive brass bars. This is the area where the magic begins; filled with a plethora of apothecary bottles, chemistry kits, cocktail paraphernalia and numerous spirits and ingredients.

The lighting has created a slick and sophisticated environment for those enjoying The Alchemist’s hospitality. Overall the lighting design has been mixed together in the perfect chemistry to beautifully match the personality and feel of The Alchemist.

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