Creating a captivating lighting design narrative for the Address Harbour Point Hotel in Dubai requires an understanding of the hotel’s architecture, ambiance, and the desired guest experience. The Vision was to create a facade design that would blend into the architecture. The architectural definition of the building sculpted by the linear details of light that try to reach the sky. Using pixel-controlled LED fade to deep blue as they reach the apex and fade into the backdrop of the skyline.

Set against the Dubai skyline, it represents a harmonious blend of modernity and luxury. The facade lighting design narrative seeks to transform this iconic structure into a building that stands out in the night, with azure blue LED lines defining its architectural contours and embodying its waterfront charm Inspired by Dubai’s maritime heritage, the facade lighting takes on the hues of the sea at twilight. Cascading from the rooftop to the ground, blue LED lines mimic the gentle waves of the harbour, giving the impression that the hotel is afloat. The lines gently ebb and flow, creating an illusion of movement and lending a nautical grace to the building’s silhouette.

As night falls, the magic unfolds. Pixel-controlled LED lines trace the building’s intricate lines and angles with precision. These lines are not merely sources of light; they are artists’ brushes painting the night sky with radiant strokes. They sculpt the architecture, emphasizing its beauty while inviting guests on a journey of visual wonder.

The hotel’s proximity to the water’s edge presents an opportunity for stunning reflections. The blue LED lines are strategically positioned to cast shimmering reflections onto the harbour’s surface, creating a captivating play of light that mirrors the hotel’s grandeur and invites guests to linger by the waterfront.

Throughout the night, the blue LED lines maintain a sense of timelessness, with adjustable intensity and colour temperature. This allows for variations in ambiance, from a calm and serene atmosphere during early evening to a vibrant and welcoming glow as the night unfolds in the heart of Dubai

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