It is a restaurant-bar terrace located in the first square of the historic center of the city of Puebla, Mexico.

The bell towers of the cathedral of Puebla, as well as the domes of the most important churches of the city are seen from this wonderful place, so the appreciation of these architectural elements of the historic center was the guiding line for the development of the project.

Quintal is a measure of ancient weight, so the guiding idea of the interior design project was to accentuate this concept of rough and old heavy material. For the lighting project, the main guiding lines of the design was the appreciation of the domes of the churches of the historic center and accentuate the elements that governed the interior design project such as the clay tiles placed in different areas.

The terrace is the area of greater hierarchy, space that has a privileged view of the city, so what was done was to place in the perimeter planters with endemic plants and these were illuminated in a linear way hidden in the perimeter handrail, in this same handrail a luminous zoclo was placed to not have any glare and generate a warm atmosphere, of peace and that invites you to the contemplation of the environment. In the columns covered with the clay tile, vertical elements were integrated that emit light bilaterally to illuminate and highlight the texture, color and beauty of the material, also serving as general indirect lighting of the space.

Inside the restaurant the general lighting is based on overlapping aluminum profiles that emit indirect light taking care of the glare towards the diners, in the booth area the lighting was installed on the backrest balancing the light level and also indirectly.

The lattices were other important elements in the interior design, so they were illuminated in the center of the two layers, emphasizing the translucent and the visual fluidity.

The bathrooms are other areas with a wonderful view of the city! So only the complete walls were illuminated perimeter accentuating the textures of the finish and leaving the windows free of reflections and brightness to emphasize and appreciate these views.

Inside murals with different themes were captured which was very important to highlight, but the most important since referring to the time was illuminated by placing an arc of light framing the central area of the mural.

The VIP area is the one that has the best view of the cathedral so it was decided not to suspend any decorative element since the environment is the important thing, so six recessed luminaires were placed in a metal structure of 2watts each and with optics to avoid glare and illuminate the table without having light leaks.

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