Tempus is a decorative piece of kinetic light art, that functions as a therapeutic but fully functional real time clock.

Designed to change our experience time. To light up peoples lives and spaces in a truly unique fashion. To encourage users to appreciate living in the moment.

Without numbers or hands, Tempus beautifully presents the time using our signature, building pattern of light over a 12 hour time path. Using 132 digitally channels of illuminating segments over three hypnotic, uniform arrangements.

60 second segments on the outer ring, 60 minutes on the inner ring and 12 hour segments on the centre ring.

Our toothed hour design showing the end of each hour, with the positions of 12,3,6,and 9 o’clock being in the familiar locations of north, east, south and west respectively on the inner arrangement. Starting with the seconds , each segment illuminates in turn until all 60 are lit when the first minute illuminates. The seconds reset and the cycle continues until all minute segments are lit and the first hour illuminates. This continually building pattern of light is what represents the time.

Tempus is more than a clock, it is a statement piece of modern art with a constantly changing personality as time builds through the seconds, minutes and hours, slowly but consistently building in light volume and colour.

It commands a principal position in any space. It can be as complimentary to its surroundings as needed or it can be as deliberately different as required with its almost infinite colour pallet and material configurations.

With colours to suit any mood, Tempus has the ability to feel like a completely different piece at the push of a button.

Tempus entices passers by with its calming rhythm of building light. Time almost slows down as one engages with the piece, willing the next segments to illuminate in a satisfying dance of calmness.

Brand new for 2023 is our Tempus light engine with digitally addressable micro RGB LEDS with automatically adjusting light sensor.
With a blue tooth and WIFI connected control module so users can create a personal control profile that allows the user to select their time zone and upload custom light patterns and arrangements as well as 15 pre set patterns and colours we programme into Tempus out of the box.

Time can be manually adjusted by rotating the control rotor and with a push changes the colour mode and pattern. A long press for 3 seconds puts Tempus to sleep for when used in a bedroom setting or hotel room. A 3 second press wakes it up again at the correct time.

Housed in a luxurious frame for wall mounted or stand mounted configurations. Our Classic and collectors editions are made using digitally printed glass over a spun aluminium chassis with acrylic diffusers.

Custom editions, sizes and housings are available.

Designed and made in the UK with our electronics PCB produced in Italy using high quality USA made LED’s .

Using locally sourced materials and manufacturers, Tempus contains over 70% recyclable and recycled materials.

Running on v5 at less than 5 amps it is highly energy efficient.

Available in standard sizes of 710mm diameter and 510mm diameter weighing 14kg and 8Kg respectively.

Studio Brief

Tempus started out as an idea to create one item that could work as a tool to introduce new clients to the beauty and quality of the lighting creations of artist and designer Ben Rousseau, that perfectly defined his ethos and passion since setting up his studio Rousseau Design, back in 2001.

The personal brief was to create a singular piece that demonstrated his love of uniform repeating geometries, had an aura of something ready to shape the future, yet have the functionality required for everyday modern life. With a need for the piece to make a statement in its surroundings. It needed to have soul, to encourage interaction and be a thing of beauty.

Using sustainable as possible locally sourced materials, and the precision machines that have defined his work, it needed to bring together the technology and beauty behind digitally controlled lighting with a selection of cutting edge materials that compliment current environments.

A timepiece was the ultimate solution. It can be used in place of a statement piece of art and have branding opportunities for use in commercial spaces as needed.
Tempus was born.

New advancements in the collection are with hand applied details in genuine 23ct gold leaf such as the gold veins in the new Positano Gold Edition.
Appreciate time in a new light.

Tempus – Time Redesigned

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