The 24/7 university library space requires a safe and inviting experience for studying late in the evening when the rest of the building closes. The Main Lobby with its curved 40ft high Cedar wood ceiling is the heart of the building with a connection to all floors of the building vertically through the oculus and being visible from the far end of the building from the 4th floor.

Study spaces are bright with vertical illumination to balance with the daylight, attracting students and staff to these pleasant spaces. Linear fixtures with a custom reflector above a white 1” cell egg crate ceiling system create a visually appealing pixel image effect. This concept repeats throughout the building.

The goal was to honour the architectural design intent by promoting interaction and unification; consistently lighting each of the material elements, lighting vertical surfaces and ceilings and bringing warmth to the space in a sympathetic and efficient way. Targeting LEED Gold, the buildings Lighting Power Density was calculated at 40% under ASHRAE 90.1 2010.

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