In 2019, Unibox was approached by London-based design consultants, Grapes Design, and asked to re-imagine the interior aesthetic of the technology department of Selfridges’ flagship store on London’s Oxford Street. Managed by the consumer technology retailer, Tekzone Sound & Vision, the new store-in-store concept needed to sit comfortably alongside the luxury and heritage for which Selfridges is known whilst offering customers the chance to experience the latest technologies.

Grapes Design asked Unibox to design, manufacture and install an LED lighting scheme that would sit proudly as the defining feature of Tekzone Sound & Vision’s newest store. Initial meetings between teams from Unibox and Grapes Design showed ambitious plans for a system of linear LED luminaires, all of which were to be arranged in a grid configuration inspired by the iconic visuals seen in the ‘Tron’ series of sci-fi films. To meet the aesthetic objectives and provide optimum light levels at both product-level and floor-level, Unibox devised a bespoke solution. The system is formed from 300 metres of extruded aluminium profiles with integrated RGBW LEDs and punctuated with ceiling-mounted LED lightboxes and striking Neonist signage at strategic points throughout the store.

Understanding the nature of Tekzone’s business and the types of products it provides, Unibox advised that DMX controls would be the most appropriate way of operating the store’s lighting. Unlike wireless controls, DMX uses complex networks of shielded cables. This ensures that any electrical devices in the immediate vicinity don’t interrupt the functionality and performance of the lighting system.

Unibox manufactured the entire matrix of LED luminaires so that it could be installed in separate rafts. Each of these was engineered to be ‘plug-and-play’ so that Tekzone would be able to carry out routine maintenance on individual sections without having to dismantle the entire system.

Now fully installed and operational, this LED lighting system sits as the defining feature in Tekzone’s Selfridges store-in-store. Bespoke designs and precision manufacturing came together to create what is a visually striking, one-of-a-kind concept that delivers on all fronts.

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