The architectural program was a new entrance gate to the Technion (I.I.T – Israel institute of technology) located in Haifa, Israel. The project links between two existing but disconnected promenades– the first arrives from the city (ends next to the gate) and the second departs near the entry gate inside the campus towards the campus historic centre. The project offers a new interpretation to the idea of a “Gate” – not a brier or a separator but as a bridge that connects the city and the campus through a green promenade. Through this connection a new urban sequence is made.

In approaching the project, we had 2 goals to achieve with the lighting design. First was providing a safe, secure and comfortable journey for students and visitors using the promenade, also at dark. The second was creating a distinctive night-time appearance, highlighting the complex shape and structure and strengthening the architects’ statement of a bridge as a gate.

The two goals had to combine into a whole that also worked with the clients strive for excellence and distinction and their strong awareness and sensitivity to the built and natural environment.

Working closely with the architects and the engineers, the lighting for the promenade and the underside of the bridge is integrated in the structure.

Vertical lines of light in the pillars of the handrail give a soft even light on the decked surface and don’t obstruct views at eye level allowing users to enjoy the city scape on one side and the green campus on the other. Cubical seats/bollards give additional light where the promenade is wide.

Well concealed and carefully adjusted spotlights underline the bridge, light the same deck but from below and the impressive structure while the light source is unseen and completely unobtrusive to vehicles approaching and driving under.

The connection between the two planes is a “tower” housing a lift and campus security checkpoint. Fully cladded in channel glass, the interior structure is revealed by the light.

We feel our goals are well met in the end-result and the bridge at night has a unique impact, minimal and significant at the same time.

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