This wine bar is an addition to a turn-of-the-last century summer residence in the Stockholm archipelago. The former summer residence is presently turned into a hotel and conference centre, with a popular restaurant. To further develop the hospitality focus, the wine bar Tant Grön (Lady Green) was initiated.

We were approached to join the creative concept group and add lighting into the design concept right from the start.

The client had a vision of a timeless and elegant atmosphere, drawing inspiration from Downton Abbey and the swinging 1920s. The interior design palette consists of warm green hues, leather, brass and soft textiles. This goes well with the omnipresent view over the water and rock below.

Since one of the long facades, facing the water, is entirely glassed, it was important to not obscure the view and to avoid glare in the windows. Spotlights were chosen with deep recessed LEDs and honeycomb louvres. We also use super narrow beams in pendant cylinders, located right over sofa tables. They don’t obstruct the view but are interesting due to their elongated shape and give a nice defined light on the glossy tabletops.

The bar would be the jewel in the space, so it needed extra attention in terms of eye catching lights, but still in keeping with the minimalistic lighting scheme. Our choice fell on ice cube-like glass pendants with a golden shimmer. They make for an almost dancing parade of lights over the bar – the swinging 1920s.

The fixing of lights to the ceiling could only be by surface mounting. The ceiling has a meandering pattern of wooden strips which we needed to keep intact. The solution was to use track lighting, mounted to fit the pattern. One runs along the façade, above the tables. The others run above the bar and seating arrangements. We used spotlights with two beam angles – one very narrow and one medium. Narrow for accent lighting and medium for soft general lighting on tables. To enhance the intimacy we used chargeable table lights. Pendants over the bar are fitted to the track with adapters.

LED-strips run on the underside of the top of the bar, as well as in shelves and along the golden metal curtain. This all adds a shimmer to match the sunset outside.

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