The bridge is the identity of a Arctic town and a landmark marking the junction where roads between three countries meet. Arriving here, you drive in uninhabited landscape for hours, then the bridge appears.

Conceptually, the idea is to communicate nature and culture in the illumination. Nature – through the idea of dynamic Aurora Borealis. Culture – by presenting the architecture in a narrative expression, such as projecting sami flag colours, on the national sami day.

The composition precisely illuminates each element of the construction. Cables are “mapped” as a low-resolution screen. No glare from any angles. The precise light distribution gives countless possibilities for color- and form combinations.

In the wide landscape around the town, the bridge is a monumental sculpture. During dark time, the illuminated bridge is readable from far distance.

The precise light distribution with very narrow beams shining on grey surface, produces a tremendous bright effect. Colors and form are crystal clear, possible to isolate and combine in endless variations.

Functional- and effect lighting are seamlessly integrated into the custom designed railing, designed by the lighting designers and steel construction engineer. All luminaires and connections are accessible for effortless maintenance.

Controlled and programmed with DMX on advanced software, operated remotely when needed.

4 degrees narrow optics illuminates the top of cables. Crucial precision is performed with beams focused at 100 m distance. A special tool was constructed to perform precise focusing. Technical planning was executed with optics not yet available on the market. Industry was challenged to develop this. The extreme climate demanded heating threads in the glass.

The bridge is treated as a canvas and a sculpture. High aesthetic level of expression is ensured. Spectacular at certain moments, soft and magical at others, quiet and subdued between dynamic intervals. Various dynamic effects appear every hour for 10 minutes when daylight is gone. Between effects, bridge has various static illumination in white.

The illuminated bridge gives the town identity, stimuli, wow effect, proudness and a focus point.

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