TANA Asymmetric AS30 is the latest housing addition to our TANA shelf-light family (TANA means ‘shelf’ in Japanese) and is based around our newly developed high-performance linear asymmetric lens designed in-house by KKDC Korea and the powerful new A-line AS30 tight-pitched, high efficacy LED strip (30W per/m).

The greatly improved output performance allows for illumination of larger & deeper shelving installations with the increased lumen output suitable for retail applications. The TANA Asymmetric housing form has been designed with an increased depth that provides a more spacious cable channel space to fit mini connectors and through-wiring for easier installation whilst still keeping the low-profile aesthetic, whether mounted to the front edge of a shelf or concealed when integrated into joinery.

The IP40 housing with screw-fixed, removable end caps is precision engineered from robust, anodized aluminium with a compact profile of just W26.3mm x H16.5mm. TANA Asymmetric is available in custom lengths to fit specific shelving length requirements and surface mounted via strong stainless-steel clips.

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