It’s the end of the afternoon, the technical teams are running around, cables are slithering from one place to another, the rush is palpable. The event is near, soon guests will be arriving, dressed up in the latest designer fashion-wear.

Months of preparation, yet just a few hours to install. An artistic eye would see a choreography in all this hurried flow, a music partition where the notes fall into place one after the other, following a silent beat that seems to dictate every dancer’s move. In the middle, the event organiser points and twirls like a conductor.

Little do guests know about the stress, the haste with which every system needs to be set up and tested, how every spoon and flower have a designated place or how much frustration can arise when an item is out of place or does not function.

This is the event field. A world where uniqueness is the Holy Grail, where the boundaries of the extraordinary are constantly pushed. As a lighting manufacturer, it is complex to bring together constraints of simplicity, speed and efficiency but also aesthetics and adaptability.

Yet, that’s what we live for, to make the lives of these professionals better. We set out a year and a half ago to design a product that would fit in everywhere, that would meet the ever-changing needs of the clients, that would be beautiful to look at, yet that would disappear when needed.

Light is the essence of life, it deserves to be simple and intuitive. The question is, how simple and intuitive can one make a product? And how does one take into account everyone’s idea of simple and intuitive? We needed to make sure we made our definition of UNIVERSAL.

We were determined to include everyone around our table. We partnered with our clients, and their clients, invited our partners, our suppliers and all our team. We even included a few extra designers to broaden our perspective. We wanted to be s u r e we understood the end user perfectly.

We worked on every aspect of the design, constantly questioning gestures and intuition throughout the process. The brief got more and more precise, until we reached a clear list of 7 features, we felt were the essence of this product to be:
• Easy and fast installation, requiring only one person
• No cables
• Elegant aesthetics far from the usual technical codes of this field
• A variation of the colour temperature allowing the product to be included in extremely diverse atmospheres and ambiances
• An integrated battery offering a long autonomy
• A connected product which could be remote controlled via smartphone or wireless DMX 7. A compact packaging adapted to high-end venues and designed to fit on standard Europalets.

18 months later, our brief expectations were met. Meet the new T4, designed by INNLED, and be part of the unique experience in ever more spectacular and ephemeral events.

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