The SYNTAX s14 socket is a small light hack with huge potential. Whereas traditional mounting points for tube bulbs were limited to the wall or ceiling, the SYNTAX socket system empowers designers with a new and flexible tool for designing arrangements with tube bulbs within any given space.

“We developed SYNTAX to enable designers, architects and lighting enthusiasts to build unique sculptures with the ever popular Linestra style tube bulbs,” comments Josua Putzke, Product Developer at RLON.
Thanks to the SYNTAX system’s integrated M10 compatibility, tube bulbs can be freely attached from ceiling cables, brackets, clamps or extensions to create unique linear arrangements.

Disrupting the socket, not the bulb

With the increasing popularity of tube bulbs in the fields of art and interior design coupled with the developments in LED technology, tube bulbs represent an excellent solution for designers looking to combine energy efficiency with good light aesthetics.

“Tube bulbs offer versatile geometric possibilities for lighting designers and architects, but have been traditionally hampered by their limited mounting capabilities,” says Designer Philipp Eibach from RLON. “By disrupting the socket and not the bulb, SYNTAX brings new creative possibilities for installing and arranging linear tube lighting.”

From unique light art installations to the production of bespoke lamps and lighting arrangements, the SYNTAX system enables the development of simple yet unique installations at a fraction of time and costs compared to other systems. In reflection of this versatility, RLON named the system SYNTAX: a new grammar for a new language of light.


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