Petros Dermatas: luminous dreams

The planted roofs of the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center situated above the Greek National Library and the Greek National Opera was the designated space for the open call of the annual Light Installation Festival at the Stavros Niarchos Park.

Luminous Dreams won the competition and was able to realize its project proposal.

The theme of the open call was Gatherings: People meeting.

The inspiration for the luminous landscape created by Petros Dermatas: luminous dreams came from the image of lit lighters raised in the hands of audiences at concerts of the past, as a sign of participation and interaction.

If the movement of these lighters can be seen as “echoing” the candles people used to hold during ceremonies, then modern-day mobile phones have taken the place of lit lighters at concerts. In any case, they indicate active participation and convey the warmth created by the connection of an individual with everyone else around.

The lighting installation that looks like a sea of bright spots, each of them unique, speaks to the importance of public gatherings in shaping our individual identity. In a reality where the individual’s alienation from the whole makes the need to belong imperative, the installation. Synathroisis uses the medium of light to help the viewer confront vital social issues, suggesting that there is power “in unity.”

The placement of the light spots were positioned through the idea of “emergence” The light spots were placed in a non-linear manner in terms of unpredictability, as is what happens in real concerts.

The whole thus emerges from the relations that develop between the properties of the members: the movement, the reflection, the refraction, the dencity.

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