The striking Swansea Arena is a brand-new £135m music and theatre venue, operated by Ambassador Theatre Group (ATG). Set to attract some of the world’s most famous music acts and much-loved theatre productions, the 3,500 capacity indoor arena is set to become a popuar attraction.

The aim was to create revolutionary and striking architecture and lighting, in order to firmly position the arena at the forefront of modern and future-proofed leisure and entertainment venues.

In order to deliver this, Tryka used 97,000 LumiNode Pixel LED’s on the façade. The LumiNode Pixel LED is a full-colour, 16-bit, RGBW solution, guaranteeing smooth dimming and optimising colour output for the most vivid image and video playback. For the Swansea Arena, the LumiNode has been made-to-measure to suit the specific needs of the project, with pixel pitches ranging from 110mm through to 435mm, whilst the custom-moulded body is designed to suit a 30mm aperture for a panelised installation, allowing ease of installation as well as any future maintenance or system upgrades.

The luminaire is manufactured from an IP68 sealed, injection-moulded clear body, with sprung ears for direct panel mounting to a 30mm aperture. Pre-linked injection moulded cables link the LED nodes, available with custom LED pixel pitch, with a maximum of 128 pieces per string. Adding to its extensive list of features, the LumiNode Pixel LED offers an ultra-lightweight design and compact dimensions that ensure a discreet installation.

When partnered with Artnet/DMX to SPI control protocol, LumiNode allows complete control for decorative and architectural lighting, and if required; full image and video playback effects. This makes it perfect for architectural and entertainment projects, just like Swansea Arena.

For Swansea Arena, the bespoke LumiNode luminaire arrangement is powered by 12V Meanwell HLG power supplies and ARTNET control interfaces. They are housed in a custom-built, by Tryka, weatherproof enclosure.
Other elements of the control system are from leading controls expert Pharos Architectural Controls . This includes the Pharos Designer VLC 1000+ for the façade, and the Pharos Designer LPC and RIO D for landscape controls.The control system was programmed by Tryka.

The end result of the concept is a stunning LED façade making the venue instantly eye-catching and awe-inspiring.

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