Drawing inspiration from its namesake, Strata artfully explores linear formations evocative of the geological striations found in nature. This design journey delves into the interplay of materiality and the captivating beauty of light refraction through reeded glass. Each piece is expertly produced at the brand’s workshop using precision-cut glass and engineered solid brass.

“Strata went through several iterations to reach a point where we were happy with both the aesthetic of the luminaire and overall lit effect. We used 3D printing to test out the metal elements on the design before committing to machining them from brass. For us, the functionality of the light is integral to creating something beautiful.” Will Earl, Design Director

At the centre of the Strata collection is the pendant; a linear design that pushes further boundaries of creativity and engineering. Two slim reeded glass tubes run parallel, linked by rounded brass endcaps to create the sense of a continuous loop. This structure is suspended from a brass core, featuring the brand’s signature Deco-inspired stepped detailing.

Spanning 1.5 metres, the elongated proportions of the Strata Pendant make it ideal for use over dining tables, kitchen islands and counter tops. The reeded glass diffuses the light, casting an even, low glare illumination onto the surface below and surrounding area. For longer tables and surfaces, Strata offers versatility and customisation; multiple pendants can be arranged in a row or joined together, as a bespoke option, to meet specific requirements.

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