Series of architectural spotlights STELLA RADUGA ™

The STELLA RADUGA ™ line of spotlights is an effective form and quality of light combined with efficiency and reliability.

The original development of the body of the Stella spotlight is the embodiment of modern trends in industrial design, combining the aesthetics of form with high quality light criteria.

Compact dimensions, a variety of models, a wide choice of secondary optics – the capabilities of the STELLA floodlight provide a wide range of tools for modern architectural lighting design of any complexity. Flood or accent lighting, creating light patterns – the range of tasks to be solved is wide.

RGB/RGBW models provide the ability to create dynamic lighting patterns that cover the full colour spectrum, while tunable white LED versions offer continuously adjustable colour temperatures from 2700K to 6000K.

Control via DMX512 protocol allows you to build light patterns and design elements for interiors and exteriors of varying degrees of complexity.

A feature of the design solution of the spotlight is a form factor in the form of a grid, which allows you to create an additional heat sink from the LED modules to maintain the quality characteristics of the luminous flux for the entire service life. The driver is separated from the main unit, which also has a positive effect on the life of the LEDs.

The design of the searchlight is designed to work in conditions of high humidity, exposure to aggressive environments and temperature fluctuations in the range from -50 to +55 °C. The impact-resistant die-cast aluminium housing is IP67 rated. Additional protection is achieved by painting with corrosion-resistant powder paint in RAL colours.

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