The Stella Nova project aims to rethink children’s playgrounds.

Burning Man stands for community, creativity, mindfulness and harmony and is probably the largest children’s playground for adults. It is an extraordinary festival with sandstorms in the middle of the Nevada desert. There is something magical and powerful about this surreal place.

A novelty is the integration of the medium of light into a playground landscape. In a year-long development process in collaboration with the Berlin Seilfabrik, LED strips have been woven into the ropes of the playground equipment in a fixed compound. The result is an illuminated sculpture that invites visitors to linger and relax.

Another sustainable and interactive lighting tool are solar-powered lights, activated by motion sensors.

Sound collages with poetry by Luise von Reichenbach can be accessed via four interactive touchpoints. The compositions have cast an emotional spell over the visitors. The result is a place to slow down and relax.

It was two years of intensive preparation and all the associated efforts of the entire team were more than worth it.

We will now continue to develop the light tools with all the esprit of this wonderful experience.

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