Fuxian Lake is famous because of its magnificent views. The project is located at the south side of the lake.

‘Above the fairy lake, fairies descend to the earth, and the jade ribbon floats down.’ This elegant sentence is coming from the ancient legend of Fuxian Lake, and it becomes the main concept of the project. The pathways represent the fluttering jade ribbon, and the leaf-shape structure becomes the roof of the visitor centre floating on the Fuxian Lake.

“Starry Town” is a place we expect to see stars. It is not only about the energy saving but also to control the brightness of light to prevent the light pollution. The warm colour temperature and the low luminous flux are the perfect choice for the natural sky of Fuxian Lake at night.

To enhance the jade ribbon, there are only minimum and necessary lighting fixtures are installed carefully for the winding pathways along with the shore of the lake.

Above the jade ribbon, two curve aluminium perforated panel walls with different size of holes under the 1200 square meters leaf-shape extending roof are back lit to create the feeling of galaxy with twinkling stars. A bunch of linear LED trip lighting fixtures are installed integral with the structure of the leaf-shape roof to make a floating roof and to enhance the leaf venation.

The reflecting pool uses underwater fixtures to create the sense of rhythm and the feeling of peace.

The lighting is only for the necessary purpose and is to light the place is needed. Let visitor to enjoy the natural of night time Fuxian Lake.

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