Stacko is a brand-new modular luminaire designed for ever-changing spaces. Joining the award-winning Miniature Accent Lighting range from Precision Lighting, Stacko is the latest luminaire to utilise the new Minipoint system, which allows luminaires to be plugged & unplugged in seconds. With multiple light engine configurations & mounting options, Stacko puts adaptable lighting directly into the user’s hands. This innovative luminaire collection provides a lighting solution that can be specifically tailored to any individual display application.

Build unique lighting arrangements by ‘stacking’ components together, giving full control over the number of light engines, lumen output, beam width, finishes & adjustability. Stacko components are available with singular/multiple light engines in fixed/adjustable housings to ensure that every angle is covered.

Multiple specialised mounting options have been developed exclusively for the Stacko range, allowing both horizontal & vertical installation for display cases, task lighting, picture lighting & more.

Stacko’s minimal design allows the lighting to blend into the surrounding architecture & not detract from the artifacts being illuminated. Available in standard, custom & premium finishes, including Polished Nickel & Rubbed Bronze, Stacko will complement any interior vision.
High CRI & instant adaptability make this collection perfect for any display application, including retail, museums & galleries. Stacko provides a solution that quickly changes with its surroundings.

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