The only visible luminaires consist of ten pendant lights made of raw and polished brass in the nave, resembling delicate, vertical lines that translate the wooden pilasters’ grid from the walls into the space. A small glass diffuser projects the light onto the golden-polished underside of the luminaire, creating an effect of infinity through reflection. On the opposite side, the long brass rods seemingly disappear continuously into the depths of the wood ceiling.

The recessed downlights also visually merge with the background of the ceiling grid. The lower lath layer and the restricted depth due to the fire protection ceiling required compact yet powerful luminaires with minimal stray light, preventing undesired illumination on the side laths. Their light points now appear to float between the wooden slats, achieved through a detailed solution using geometrically precise black wooden panels that not only conceal the downlights but also the suspension of the pendant lights.

Next to the altar area, the apse, as an “infinite space,” became the focus of the lighting design. To visually dissolve the spatial boundary, the semi-circular wall is illuminated with a light gradient intensifying from top to bottom, complemented by a light band recessed into a custom stone base at the lower edge. Like the sky, displaying different colors and moods in its infinite expanse day by day, silently accompanying life on Earth, the apse invites contemplation, encouraging gazes to wander into the vastness.

The lights not visible from the nave were implemented using Tunable-White technology, allowing for various atmospheric settings in the apse, ranging from festively warm to discreetly cool, to a mysterious interplay of different kind of twilights.

The essence of the church is evolving, opening up and becoming younger. The new lighting adapts to this transformation, addressing various needs of the church community for different occasions and aligning with the church as a publicly used space. A high density of downlights with diverse radiation characteristics is positioned above the altar area, catering to various religious and secular events in the church.
The subtle atmospheres in the apse can be selected independently from those in the nave, resonating with the prevailing mood of the day.

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