Spine, the unparalleled lounge bar, sits on a rooftop amidst floating lights. a steel structure embraces the rooftop, zigzagging & see-sowing its way from the entrance to cover the entire rooftop and translucent panels sit straight or lie down on top of the structure, all together, creating a distinctive silhouette that stands out from the entire cityscape.

The concept behind Gregory Gatserelia Design was to create a skyline of a high-rise tower city. the concept starts from a chaotic structure that carries such skyline elements & integrates hidden lights. to achieve this skyline, methacrylate panels were used along with the steel structure to create a translucent surface to illuminate, at the same time, animate said skyline. then, strips of light are flushed with the surface of the tubes, made from RGBW (12W/m, 341lm/W, CRI80, W3000K, pitch 1cm, 70000Hr) special DMX components allowing the control over every 10 cm of the strips individually. this allows for a complete animation in terms of direction, similar to pixelation. the towering panels are made to illuminate with different RGBW colours uniformly. they pop up when lit and dissolve when turned off, as they fade into the night.

These six-thousand-address lights are controlled via DMX computer that controls every pixel individually using video animation. every animation controls the different lights according to location & pattern effect. the lights are controlled individually and managed by a scene controller to determine the different scenes all through the night through automation. the light shows are also synchronized manually or automatically so as the DJ shifts from track to the next, lights shift from one scene to the other.

The general lighting is also supported by very small, well-shielded accent lights that point at every table as well as the central bar. all the lighting elements that are used in the space are made to withstand the extreme outdoor environment which is in close vicinity to the sea as the lounge bar overlooks the highway from one side and the entire waterfront area from the other. As for the glare control, spotlights are shielded and linear lights’ direction and positioning are well studied as not to light towards the night sky.

During the day, the LED profiles and panels blend into the scene, almost hidden. at night, however, the rooftop looks like a modern cityscape busy with lights and sounds and the music and the lights are completely in sync, making the lounge bar a visual experience on its own. as the lights shift from one scene to the other and music from one beat to the next, sound and colour become one and the visitors of the lounge experience some sort of chromesthesia.

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