Creating an immersive experience that transcends traditional notions of entertainment spaces was the challenge given when designing the lighting for the Sphere. The very essence of the venue, with its neutral palette of reflective black floors, subtle matte finishes, and flowing architectural contours, provided a canvas backdrop for our luminous narrative.

At the core of our lighting design lies a complex interplay of layers, guiding visitors through the space with precision and purpose. They are seamlessly ushered from one area to the next, guided by lighting cues that both serve function and contribute to a narrative thread.

The journey begins as one enters through the bridge, where curved fins adorned with indirect RGBW linear lights cast a vibrant illumination upon the curving walls, beckoning patrons into the heart of the venue. Slowly shifting washes of color work their magic, orchestrated with precision, directing the movement of light. Backlit RGBW LED tiles cast an enchanting glow behind the curving acrylic portals, creating a moment of compressed anticipation before entering the immersive atrium. Here, the interplay of light and acrylic, along with the reflective flooring, forms a luminous forest of rings that stirs excitement for what lies ahead. In the central atrium, RGBW linear grazers trace the organic soffits, creating ribbons of light from both above and below, captivating onlookers. All these elements collaborate harmoniously through a carefully crafted colour narrative, sparking curiosity upon entry and building excitement as showtime approaches.

Within the atrium, the bridges, galleries, and open spaces are thoughtfully designed to serve as versatile event and conference areas. The lighting, featuring a combination of downlights, coves, and adjustable track lighting, offers adaptability to redefine the architectural ambiance for each event. This flexibility allows the venue to seamlessly transition from a show setting to an event setting, reinventing itself with every visit. RGBW LEDs are strategically employed throughout, creating lighting that is unique to each event. Functional white lighting can be utilized for conferences, while rich, saturated tones can help dramatize an immersive, dynamic atmosphere.

A towering 160-foot scrim wall composed of cables forms a three-dimensional masterpiece behind the escalators. High-powered adjustable grazing fixtures, positioned both above and below, bathe the cables in an ambient, entrancing glow. Dynamic projectors with adjustable beams add an additional layer of intrigue, creating a warm, guiding light in this ethereal space.

All the food and beverage kiosks are designed to exude a warm, hospitality aura. Lighting is set at a cozy 2200K-2700K, elevating the surrounding venues with an inviting touch. This intentional use of warm lighting in the surrounding niches welcomes visitors in while complementing the overall immersive experience.

Before, during and after the performance, lighting throughout Sphere is strategically developed to induce a sensory experience. Utilizing a sensory expert, a specific colour tone was developed with light to promote calmness and wellbeing during the show. This intentional use of lighting contributes to the overall immersive experience, creating a unique colour journey that enhances the connection between the audience and the performance. As patrons depart, the specific colour tones culminate in a celebratory sequence, designed to ground the visitors and prepare them to embrace the vibrant world of Las Vegas.

Sphere’s lighting design seeks to transcend the ordinary, transforming the space into a truly immersive experience. Every inch of the venue, not just the stage, is brought to life through a sophisticated blend of lighting, soundscape, visuals, ambiance, and tactile elements. The result is a captivating and unparalleled experience that transports both artists and fans out of the mundane and into the future, redefining the very essence of live entertainment.

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