Solo Sokos Hotel Torni brings light to the surrounding streetscape and stands out as one of the landmarks of the center of Helsinki with its new facade lighting. Facade lighting serves to communicate the renovations made inside the building.

Originally opened in 1931, Helsinki’s renovated historic hotel Torni opened its doors in the spring of 2022. When completed, it was the tallest building in Helsinki and a skyscraper of its time. It is still one of the tallest buildings in Finland. The hotel also includes a former residential building property, Kyllikki, which was added to the hotel in the 1980s. The buildings are historically significant and prominent in Helsinki’s cityscape.

Due to the building’s strong art deco architecture and style, the design process started by getting familiar with the lighting of this style. The tower strongly exhibits the layered nature of skyscrapers from the 1920s. The iconic New York Empire State Building served as a strong source of inspiration.

First, visualizations and sketches were made as a basis for the discussion. Suitable fixtures and lighting solutions were tested in two on-site test lighting until the right, and a suitable solution for the building was confirmed. The first four floors of the building and the 9-story tower rising above them were brought out solemnly and dignified with warm white light.

The goal was for the building to get the lighting it deserved. The site’s central location and architectural and cultural historical significance required special attention, and the result is a visible entity in the streetscape of the dark times of Helsinki’s city centre.

Additional credits:

Ateljee Bar and roof terrace, Restaurant OR, American Bari and reception are: Design Agency Fyra
Rooms and hallways: Studio Joanna Laajisto
Main- and architecture design: Arco Architecture Company Ltd, Eero Mustonen and Riikka Hautala
Electric engineering: Engineering office Thelec
Electric contract work: LSK Talotekniikka

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