Delta Light is extremely proud to present Soliscape; in collaboration with UNStudio. An extremely versatile and flexible system, specifically designed to create human-centric environments. Solsicape has been designed to improve the wellbeing of people in society’s rapidly changing work environment, where human health and the war on talent have both become primary focuses for employers.

The Soliscape (sound and light-scape) system makes activity-based illumination, alongside acoustic qualities possible. A sensor-based environment synchronises with day-to-day activities and adjusts to provide the optimum conditions. As such, digitally enhanced environments can be created where technology supports the creation of sensorial adaptive environments in which the user is central.

The intricacy of the design is apparent, with a smooth appearance from below, flexible acoustic panels, and the adaptability to add different modules to the profile. The Soliscape system is a toolbox of flexible components and modules for architects enabling them to create workable and liveable solutions. By combining lighting with acoustics and connected sensoring into an aesthetically appealing solution that can easily connect to any building management system, the system is flexible, adaptable, and future proof.

The controlled and smart lighting functionality contributes to the energy efficiency as sensors can be integrated into a central Building management system meaning the Soliscape allows control of a HVAC system.

Soliscape has basic framing elements but allows for a variety of complementary sustainable materials to expand its look and feel. More than 60% of the material in the acoustic panels come from recycled PET bottles. A variety of materials can be used within the system to facilitate specific functionalities, from acoustic to decorative to atmospheric.

The Soliscape’s ability to connect with other automated processes in a building, results in enhanced comfort and less energy consumption. If the surrounding systems allow for connection and communication, Soliscape can make that happen and create a behaviour-responsive grid.

With Soliscape, users can also combine lighting and acoustic qualities all within the one system. For additional optimisation of room acoustics, Soliscape enables users to combine user focused lighting with Soli-Shhh panels. The sound-absorbing panels can be easily changed and manoeuvred, offering noise reduction in the most aesthetic way.

These sound-absorbing panels solve the problem of indoor reverberation to guarantee the best acoustic comfort and wellbeing. Absorbing the noises in the field of typical speech frequencies (between 500 Hz and 2000 Hz). The panels can be applied to facilitate specific functionalities, from acoustic to decorative and illuminous atmospheric scenes. Soli-Shhh panels can be used as an add-on to the Soliscape toolbox or as a separate sound absorbing element, be it with or without additional spot modules mounted around the circle.
Soliscape combines individual functions into one all-encompassing system, offering a more affordable and energy efficient tool to work with. Delta Light is always looking to the future, embracing the latest technologies and developments, as we continue to innovate and break the existing mould, setting the pace for a brighter, more advanced future.


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