Nestled within a vibrant residential community in sun-soaked Southern California, this community park embodies the epitome of recreational bliss.

Boasting an array of enticing features such as pools, pool amenities, engaging children’s plav areas, interconnecting walkways, and a community building, this multifaceted project seamlessly integrates with the terraced topology of the site.

Drawing inspiration from the native Californian landscape and geology, the design harmoniously coalesces with its surroundings.

Crafting an impeccable lighting design for this site, characterised by its diverse landscaped levels, presented an intriguing challenge for

Illuminate Lighting Design. This task was further compounded by the rigorous mandate to maintain a minimum light level of 1fc throughout all pedestrian areas. Adding an extra layer of complexity, only lighting emanating from fixtures positioned above 42ins was eligible for inclusion in meeting the stringent light level requirements.

The Illuminate team was thus confronted with a monumental task of striking a delicate balance between providing adequate illumination across the expansive site and avoiding excessive lighting, all while navigating budget constraints and combating the intrusive glare that could compromise the ambiance. Its aim was to create a visually harmonious environment that exudes warmth, safety, and allure during nighttime, employing the fewest fixtures necessary.

The foundation of the lighting solution lay in a comprehensive analysis of the diverse functional zones within the expansive site, as well as a thorough understanding of the interconnected network of pathways and walkways that seamlessly linked them. The designers crafted a concept that harmoniously complemented each distinct area while prioritising optimal functionality. Through extensive calculations and meticulous optimisation, they ensured that the solution not only met the specific requirements but also achieved a visually cohesive and intuitive wayfinding experience throughout the site.

One of the most captivating focal points within the park is the pool and its encompassing structure, evoking a sense of awe reminiscent of nature’s own caves sculpted into the landscape. The lighting scheme employed in this area was artfully orchestrated to create the illusion of light subtly seeping through the layers of rock.

Concealed behind a discreet valance, the fixtures gracefully graze the textured vertical surfaces, skillfully meeting the required light levels without the need for numerous poles cluttering the pool deck.

A soft, enveloping warmth suffuses the pool area, transforming it into a radiant jewel that gleams in the night. This deliberate illumination not only enhances its visual allure but also fosters a secure and welcoming environment, ensuring a sense of safety for all who venture into its waters.

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