The suites at the Blue Lagoon afford a remarkable view of the primeval landscape and the lagoon. The concept for the Sole-Luna, was to extend the enchantment of natural lighting into the guest rooms.

Inspiration manifested from nature; it was envisioned to create a natural lighting effect on the ceiling similar to that of the Sun and the Moon. To achieve a blurry penumbra around the glow, and to make the fixture completely disappear into the ceiling, it is mounted behind Clipso acoustic ceiling. The light from the fixture filters through the ceiling membrane softening the emitted light, with no incident glare. Since the fixture is completely integrated, there are no visible mounting components on the ceiling.

This 1200m diameter fixture comprises of LEDs at different colour temperatures – Amber, 2100k, 4000k and 6000k. The light level achievable from the fixture ranges from 1lux to about 1500lux. With 204 electrical circuits, and seven LED strips per circuit, the fixture is DMX controlled to achieve the levels and quality of light desired.

This biodynamic light fixture is controlled with a small panel inserted into the bedhead to activate different lighting scenes, namely: Relaxing, Energising, Day, and Night. The colour temperature and light levels vary for all different scenes, and are adjustable as desired by the guests. The dark spots similar to that perceived on the Moon’s surface are reproduced by operating a mix of 4000k and 6000k LEDs with a number of circuits turned off.

An extremely subtle wake-up call can be programmed into this lighting system, this has to be booked at the reception desk. At the wake-up time indicated by guests, a five-minute-long dynamic light cycle is activated which shifts the light intensity from 0% to 90%, from amber to 5600K, to ensure that guests are woken up gently and gradually, not by sound but only light.

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