A real-estate management company with an impressive collection of art. They wanted to display it in a gallery-like setting. The space was to be part of their in-house entertainment for clients as well. The brief was to make look like a high-end cultural or leisure space, which would transform from day to night. The challenge always in spaces which are not dedicated to art display but change layout quite often, is to find a solution that is flexible. Flexible and simple at the same so that the managers can handle without having to call a specialist on site.

The main idea was the wrap-wround diamond-shaped profile that designates the focus of the gallery & seating areas or huddle rooms. The magnetic clip-on tracks systems provide this flexibility as luminaires can clip on and off and do not need to be re-addressed. The adjustable beam is also a key element for lighting artwork of different dimensions. The final result offers a varied space suitable for a busy office at daytime and a space with a mood for parties and company events at night time.

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